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Thank you for stopping by; I'm Kaysha, the owner of Two Girls 1 Bag Boutique. 

I am a girl from Brooklyn, who loves to get dressed. No matter the occasion, expect me to be the "overdressed" guest. My love for fashion developed at an early age. I enjoy thrifting and the essence of vintage clothing. My favorite era was the glam of the 1940's & 1950's! I love to color block, contrast feminine looks with menswear and mix textures and prints. I don't follow trends, I wear whatever feels good.

So let's get into why you're here, Two Girls 1 Bag Boutique! Why that name? I believe in the concept that as women we are better standing together than apart. There doesn't have to be competition, but rather collaboration. As opposed to fighting for our own "bag", we can come together and build empires...hence, "TWO girls, ONE bag!" 

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